Before GSoC

Google Summer of Code 2017

Before GSoC

I have been working on Ruqola since January this year. My first task was to add notifications support on desktop app. Since I was new to Qt/QML and Rocket.Chat, it took me quite a while to get familiar with the code base and technology. Finally my PR (my first PR ever) got merged into the original code for Ruqola. That felt very satisfying. There was no looking back from here. I wrote a proposal for Ruqola, got it reviewed by a lot of people, modified, got it reviwed again, and repeated till it looked satisfying enough. While writing the proposal my mentor, Riccardo Iaconelli, told me to write it as how “I” would like it to be and that it’s my baby project, I gotta care of it! Ruphy has always been very humble and supportive.

Between the coding, I got to know the WikiToLearn community. I must emphasize on how positive and friendly each one of them is. I still remember the moment how I was welcomed in the community when I joined WikiToLearn Chat; so many unknown people welcoming you with such smiles wanting to know you and help you out. I’m more than happy to be a part of this amazing community. The journey form being welcomed to myself welcoming new people in the community has been incredible (the good part being that it has just started) and gave me a bunch of as amazing friends too.

On May4,2017, I got selected as a student developer in the Google Summer of Code 2017 for project Ruqola under KDE.

Written on May 4, 2017